Guide in KHTK


In KHTK, a guide is one who helps another apply KHTK exercises. He may be a partner or a friend who is also interested in doing KHTK exercises. The two may do the exercises together encouraging and guiding each other.

All that is required of a guide is

  • Apply mindfulness at all times
  • Be familiar with KHTK exercises
  • Have compassion for all

The first thing that a guide helps another with is the application of mindfulness. He encourages the other person to think for himself, or herself, and practice mindfulness exercises per The 12 Aspects of Mindfulness


The guide recommends the correct KHTK exercise for the other person to work on, giving his reason. He provides factual information with no inconsistencies.

The person needn’t give to the guide any personal details of what he looked at during the exercise. The guide does not analyze a person’s data and give advice.

If the guide is told something he makes sure that he understands it. He responds only in terms of sorting out difficulties with the application of the 12 aspects of mindfulness.

The guide encourages the person to come up with creative ways to look at the area of interest more closely.

If the person’s attention is fixed or dispersed, the guide helps restore it to optimum with proper KHTK exercises.

Almost all exercises in KHTK may be applied by oneself. The guide simply encourages and aids as needed.

The guide does not challenge what the other person is doing. He simply helps the person understand the exercise.

The guide also aids in the development of the subject of KHTK based on his, or her, actual experience.

The guide offers his services as possible for him, and without fee. The compensation, if any, for the services may only be determined by the person helped.

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