Awareness and Light


“Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding.”  ~ Wikipedia

At the most fundamental level, awareness seems to have the nature of disturbance. The wave-length of this disturbance is nearly infinite, and the frequency nearly zero. The period and velocity are infinite for all practical purposes.

Self-awareness at this level appears to be a light-like aura. This is a very raw level of awareness. There is no other self, soul, energy, God, etc.

Awareness and light seem to be two different aspect of some primordial phenomenon of consciousness – awareness being the spiritual, while light being the physical aspect. The spiritual and physical aspects seem to go hand in hand.

Awareness and light seem to weave together to make various phenomena, entities, objects and the universe. They cannot be separated from each other.

There is no spiritual universe separate from the physical universe. There is only a single universe. It is the superset of all that exists with their spiritual and physical aspects.

There are no spiritual entities separate from physical objects. The spirituality of objects is expressed as their properties. This is well expressed in the periodic table of elements at the atomic and molecular levels.

There is no soul that separates from the body at death. The aliveness comes from the connectedness of awareness among the atoms, molecules, and organs of the body. There is a smooth flow of awareness throughout the body that creates the live organism. When this flow ceases death occurs. The body disintegrates into parts containing their own separate awareness.

The assumption that ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ are two separate phenomena is in error.  Like “space-time”, we have “spiritual-physical”  as a single or relative phenomenon. Neither spirituality nor physicality is absolute in itself.

The universe is the superset of all existence.  Spiritual and physical are two different aspects that weave together into every particle and crevice of the universe. The fundamental nature of “spirtual-physical” is “awareness-light”.


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