Thetan and Exteriorization


Many people have “out-of-body” experiences, which they fondly remember for the rest of their lives. Such experiences are never under one’s control. They cannot be consciously repeated. Usually they do not repeat on their own either. A big deal is made out of “out-of-body” experiences in Scientology. In fact, Scientology has made itself a big $$$ “church” by exploiting this phenomenon.


For most people, body is an intimate part of their self. The Scientology command, “BE THREE FEET BACK OF YOUR HEAD” may simply serve to jar, momentarily, one’s fixed attention on the body. It may give one a glimpse of what it is like when the attention is not fixed on the body.

This command may not have any effect on a person whose attention is too fixed on the body, or whose attention is not fixed on the body in the first place.

Those who are affected by this command may believe that they have suddenly separated from the body and are ‘exterior’ to it. In actual case there is only a shift in viewpoint of the person. He didn’t even know how fixed his attention was on the body.

Scientology uses strange vocabulary, such as, ‘thetan’ and ‘exteriorization.’ It believes that the person is a spiritual entity, called ‘thetan’, which has separated itself from the body, called ‘exteriorization’. But what has actually happened here is a relief from fixation on the body. This sudden relief may be surprising, but soon that feeling of ‘exteriorization’ is gone.

Only a memory of that feeling remains. But it is enough for people to wanting to keep going up the Scientology “bridge”.


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