Spirituality, Hypnotism and Mindfulness

Faith healing

There is start, change, and stop; but why be fixated on any of these factors! Each one of them has its own place and utility.

There is birth, survival and death; but why be fixated on any of these states! This is just life.

Some are so fixated on “survive” that they tremble at the idea of “death.” They will listen to anybody who promises them immortality. This is a fertile ground for hypnotists who generally have “magnetic personalities.”

A hypnotist can make others believe in “implant stations” to such a degree that they even “experience” it. He can make them believe in “souls without bodies roaming around the universe,” and they will “experience” it.

No shit!

The inoculation against such pervasive conditioning is mindfulness.



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  • Chris Thompson  On April 15, 2013 at 7:43 AM

    Understanding that certainty is a hardened MEST phenomena has been very satisfying.


  • Nic  On October 6, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    And ‘ possible to break the addiction. It ‘sa fact .
    E ‘ can be independent. It ‘sa fact .
    You can change . It ‘sa fact .
    Not all mest . There are many certainties .
    It ‘s true what is true for you. Remember?
    If you lose this , you lose everything!
    This has never been applied in cos ,
    or in the various RD . It was never verified if it is
    fake. And if you turn to the ” false ” was fake … !
    That is, coming from a hypnotic command of
    some implant . O: Clean considerations
    about it , and then check for forgery.
    Not everything is mest . The thought does not have time .
    Some are afraid to change and be
    independent . This then is the mest , the formulas
    chemical, physical , equations, etc. etc. . HO god
    mest , you are everything and I … The Spirit is mest , the
    mind is mest , mest thoughts are , the emotional
    tions are mest , life is mest . And ‘ only and all
    mest . And ‘ only ever mest . Adoria
    mo this holy sacred mest . love this
    divine mest . And ‘ our father and mother. And ‘ the
    our family. It ‘s the food, water . I have great
    mest god , help me , save me , forgive me. only
    you can do it . Yes, yes, yes, you my messiah , savior
    prophet , you’re my one and only god – mest . Amen .
    Here I sacrifice myself to you god mest , here consumes
    my life , eternity , ad infinitum . Re amen .
    In the mad hope that the ‘ humor is appreciated.
    The most important person in this universe
    and in all universes , it is YOU .


    • vinaire  On October 6, 2013 at 12:22 PM

      Can the idea of THETAN be an implant? If not, why not?



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