Handling Deep-seated Regrets


This KHTK process may help a person handle feelings of deep-seated regret. Look at each question below per the 12 Steps of Mindfulness. If the mind brings up something then look at it more closely. If nothing comes up then skip that question.

A) Do you have a regret about having done (or not done) something?
B) What situation were you trying to resolve at that moment?
C) Is there something that is difficult to look at?
D) How would you resolve that situation now?

This process may be done while sitting on a chair with back straight, or while walking at a comfortable pace. The eyes may be open or closed.

I did this process while walking on a treadmill with eyes closed. It seems that walking provides additional energy that helps execute this process faster. I successfully handled several items that I had regrets about. I no longer have anything suppressed in relation to those items. I understand the situations I was trying to resolve. I now have a much better understanding of myself.

This process may be done again later even when nothing came up on the first few attempts.


The above process is derived from the following ‘Power Process #1’ of Scientology:

a) What overt have you committed?
b) What problem were you trying to solve?
c) What haven’t you said?
d) What problem were you trying to solve?

The Scientology process requires an auditor and an e-meter. The KHTK process, on the other hand, can be done by oneself under the discipline provided by the 12 Steps of Mindfulness.


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