August 25, 2014
This issue is now obsolete. For latest references please see: KHTK Mindfulness. The specific reference that updates this issue is Inconsistency in KHTK.
This was part of a basic series of essays, which started this blog. These essays were later revised and the original versions were deleted. However, these essays were then added back to maintain a complete record.
The basic idea introduced in this essay was that of INCONSISTENCY in the form of dispersal or fixation of attention.


Attention becomes non-optimum by getting either fixed or dispersed. Underlying non-optimum attention is data that is waiting to be looked at and experienced.

The best way to free up one’s attention is to:


All one has to do is to not force the mind, but simply look at what is there at the points of non-optimum attention. The mind will un-stack itself and make the data available that needs to be looked at.

Make sure your attention is optimum with respect to the physical environment before you dive deep into your mind.

Attention is the key to what you are. Under optimum conditions, attention is totally free of any attachments. Freeing up attention is equivalent to freeing up energy.

In the process of freeing up attention you will make a lot of discoveries about yourself. Enjoy!


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