Inconsistencies and Knowledge

Knowledge, such as, that from Buddha or Christ is neither pure nor impure, for nothing in knowledge is absolute. Consistencies in knowledge form the broad background. It is inconsistencies that stand out to be resolved.

A person must start from scratch and not take anything for granted. He need not dwell on consistencies. Consistencies are just there in the background. Real learning comes from spotting and resolving inconsistencies.

The most fundamental right is the right to think for oneself and to resolve inconsistencies as one comes across them.

As inconsistencies get resolved they merge into the background of consistencies. Thus, whatever one knows should always be subject to modification.

When confronted with an inconsistency one may form educated conjectures and try to falsify them. This is also called the scientific method. Please see THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD & HUMANITIES.

The focus should be on resolving inconsistencies rather than on asserting one’s truth or rightness .

Focus should be on knowledge rather than on self, or on attaining some enlightened state.

The self is there just like anything else to be looked at, as and when inconsistencies arise. The inconsistencies may arise in the physical universe, or in the mental universe.

It is knowledge that will set one free.


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