KG MATH 6: Patterns & Relational Sense

A pattern comes about because of some repeating characteristic, such as color, shape, size, etc. Different types of repetitions generate different patterns regardless of what is being repeated.

A relation is an existing connection; or a significant association between or among things. Because of a relation, if something is present then we may expect another thing to be present as well. A pattern is made up of relations. To see a pattern is to have a sense of relations among things.

A number line is a pattern that presents relations among numbers. With the help of this pattern we may locate a missing or hidden number.

A symbol may be used to represent a missing or hidden number in a pattern. The position of that symbol in that relationship may then help discover that number. Here are some exercises in this subject for the kindergarten level.


“Patterns and Relational Sense” forms the foundation of the subject of ALGEBRA. It is a study of patterns underlying numbers, and quantitative relationships.


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