From Unconsciousness to Knowing

Please make sure that you have studied the earlier KHTK essays, and have understood all the principles.

In looking, one simply recognizes what is already there. If nothing is there then one recognizes that nothing is there.

For each of the following directives, simply accept non-judgmentally whatever is presented by the mind. Experience it without resisting.

Apply these directives in the sequence given,

If a directive did bring up a response in the mind, then check that directive again to see if there is another response.

When there is no response to a directive, then go to the next one.

“Look around in your mind and spot something…

“That is associated with unconsciousness.”
“That is associated with waiting.”
“That is associated with a mystery.”
“That is associated with sex.”
“That is associated with eating.”
“That is associated with a symbol.”
“That is associated with thinking.”
“That is associated with an effort.”
“That is associated with an emotion.”
“That is associated with looking.”
“That is associated with knowing about.”
“That is associated with not knowing.”
“That is associated with knowing.”

Give enough time necessary for a response to come up. DO NOT DIG INTO THE MIND. DO NOT ADD ANY FURTHER VISUALIZATIONS. If nothing comes up then go to the next directive.

You may end off at any point where you feel comfortable. You may continue from where you left off at a later time.

After the last directive, you may start with the first one again if you wish.



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