This is an expansion upon the essay BEGINNING

TIME is an inherent characteristic of a cycle. It implies the persistence of something from beginning to end, whether it is desire, beingness, or awareness.

The essence persists while the form may change. Thus, beingness and awareness persist throughout a cycle while their manifestations as identities and viewpoints may go through various changes as the cycle progresses.

These identities and viewpoints may stay in memory stamped with a sense of their relative occurrence. We may refer to this sense as TIME, and such a memory as TIME TRACK.

Thus, a “time track” of detailed incidents involving identities and viewpoints may exist in the memory. However, such details may remain only as long as they have not been viewed. Once viewed the incidental details on the time track seem to dissolve into conceptual understanding.

The “memory” from the time track gets fixed in place when it has not been thoroughly looked at. There are elements in it that are partially unknown. When those elements are fully known the “memory” transforms into “knowledge.”  You may not know in detail what you ate for breakfast on 4th of July, 1987 but your attention is not fixed there. There is nothing there that needs to be known. The details of that moment have become irrelevant. You may reconstruct details of that breakfast through personal knowledge, but there is nothing mysterious to keep your attention fixed there.

If one cannot spot any incidents on one’s time track then it is quite possible that there are no incidents there. But it is also possible that one may be prevented from perceiving the incidents on the time track by filters as discussed in KHTK 4: VIEWPOINT.

It appears that the entire time track continually gets assimilated as a filter through which one is looking, and that influences what one perceives as one’s time track. This may warrant using the term “illusory” for what one perceives.

It has been said that the most fundamental illusion is TIME, and this essay may point to something similar.


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  • anonymuse  On July 30, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    One can see the time track from the inside and from the outside.

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