The Nature of Consideration

A consideration is a pattern of relationships in the mental matrix. The moment something is perceived, it is defined in the mind by considerations. Considerations are grouped into concepts. Concepts are labeled as “key words”.

Components of the Universe

The route of Physics seems to be the considerations of matter, energy, space and time. The route of Metaphysics seems to be the considerations concerning what is there. Considerations are ubiquitous, self-evident and axiomatic.

The major components of this universe seem to be matter, energy, space, and time and considerations.

To get some clue to this universe we need to look at both physics and metaphysics. These two subjects are intertwined with each other.



Dictionary defines a consideration as a careful thought, a decision, or something that is to be kept in mind in making a decision, evaluating facts, etc. Thus, considerations come about as one associates what is there.

The concept of consideration is so basic that it may be said that the human consideration of unknowable, is what finds its expression in the concept of God.



A consideration, such as, “There is God,” can be perceived to exist.

  1. This considerations has a form, which distinguishes it. That is a harmonic of SPACE.
  2. This consideration has substance. That is a harmonic of ENERGY.
  3. This consideration becomes solid as it gets fixated. That is a harmonic of MATTER.
  4. This consideration evolves and persists. That is a harmonic of TIME.

Thus, considerations seem to have the aspects of matter, energy, space, and time.

On the other hand.

Matter, energy, space, and time appear to be considerations underlying what is out there.



Some of the characteristics of considerations are as follows:

(1) A consideration tends to generate more considerations. For example, the idea of “beginning” is a consideration. It gives rise to the consideration of “before the beginning,” which generates inconsistency.

(2) The opposite considerations always seem to occur as a by-product of any consideration. For example, the consideration of “beginning” also seems to give rise to its opposite consideration of “end.”

(3) Widely different considerations may interact and generate a new consideration. For example, as one looks at the considerations of “beginning” and “end,” a third consideration of “change” seems to arise.

(4) Considerations seem to combine to generate more complex considerations. For example, from “change” arises the consideration of “time”, and that leads to the consideration of “cycle” (begin—change—end).



The consideration is triggered by something “out there.” That something is UNKNOWABLE because we know only THAT which is triggered.

That which is triggered is manifested and has a BEINGNESS.

Along with manifestation comes the consideration of AWARENESS.

This process gives rise to the basic consideration of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Along with this process comes the consideration of ABILITY.

The manifestation brings about the considerations of MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE and TIME.

We then connect with BEINGNESS the ABILITY to CONSIDER and become AWARE of MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE and TIME.

The idea of associating considerations to generate new considerations consists of the considerations of CONTINUITY, CONSISTENCY and HARMONY. This is the consideration of LOGIC. An infinity of complex considerations, then, arises.

The whole universe seems to be an outcome of considerations of what is there.



Origin: “something conceived.” A concept is an idea formed by mentally assimilating all the considerations about something.

Origin: “to examine.” To consider is to examine what is there and give it a meaning by associating appropriate perceptual elements. The moment something is perceived, it is defined in the mind by considerations.

Key Word
A key word is a label given to a well-defined concept.


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    I am presently looking at considerations more closely and revising this essay accordingly. The first three sections of this essay, separated by dots, are revisions.



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    I seem to have settled on the following:



    I propose the following:


    This would encompass Scientology Axiom #1, because the “Static” as postulated by Hubbard, is knowable.



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