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The God Inconsistency

File:Creation of the Sun and Moon face detail.jpg

Reference: Religion

Detail of Sistine Chapel fresco Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo (c. 1512), a well known example of the depiction of God the Father in Western art


I provided a couple of examples of inconsistencies in General Inconsistencies on the subject of God as follows:

It is believed by many that, “God created the universe” and that “God is good.” An inconsistency comes about when one observes that there is evil in this world, and God cannot be the source of evil. One then rationalizes that Satan, who is created by God, is the source of evil. Satan is evil because, having a mind of his own, he disobeys God. One then wonders if it is bad to have a mind of one’s own. The inconsistency then falls apart when one looks more closely without rationalization.
It is believed by many that, “Man is created in the image of god.” Thus, God is believed to have a beingness with a form. Since beingness with form must exist in space, God must exist in space too. We then observe that space is part of this universe, and it must have been created when the universe was created. This means that, God did not have location in space, when he first created this universe. And so, God did not have beingness with form in the beginning. The inconsistency also falls apart when looked at more closely.

I find that looking at the inconsistencies on the subject of God can be very helpful as it may bring to view The Basic Inconsistency.

Attempt to look at the inconsistencies on the subject of God does not mean that one is denying God. I believe that there is God, but I also believe that as long as inconsistencies exist, a complete understanding of God is not there, and a complete understanding of “self” is also missing.

Saying, “I see no inconsistencies on the subject of God,” may simply point to an outright rejection of other views on God. This may mean that one is resisting looking at the inconsistencies on the subject of God. That would be a weakness.

A person, who can think for oneself, should be willing to look at all different views on God, and discuss them intelligently.

The Comment Section below is reserved for bringing into view all inconsistencies that have existed on God and look at them closely.

I hope this exercise would be worthwhile.