KHTK Factor # 16

Reference: A Course on the Factors

KHTK Factor # 16: The postulates and the reasoning proceeding from them, become increasingly complex as they are used to fill gaps in knowledge. Thus come about complexity of forms and their motion.

In the beginning there is Unknowable, which is sensed in a way that cannot be described; therefore, postulates are made to describe it. Reasoning proceeds from these postulates for better descriptions: but there still are aspects that cannot be described. So further postulates are made. 

This cycle keeps repeating, and the description of the Unknowable becomes increasingly complex. It starts to take more substantial shape, which then gradually turn into more solid forms.

Thus comes about the universe.

The universe of galaxies, stars and solar systems is relatively simple. It starts to become complex as self-animation enters the scene. As this self-animated life learns to reproduce itself  and evolve, the various forms and their motions become increasingly complex.

Finally, we end up with a very complex universe with capable forms and intelligent motion in it.



Compare the above to the following factor in Scientology.

Scientology Factor # 16. The viewpoint can combine dimension points into forms and the forms can be simple or complex and can be at different distances from the viewpoints and so there can be combinations of form. And the forms are capable of motion and the viewpoints are capable of motion and so there can be motion of forms.

It appears that the dimension points and viewpoints are two different designations for the same things.



Here we have a logical view of evolution that is a bit more detailed.


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