KHTK Factor # 13

Reference: A Course on the Factors

KHTK Factor # 13: All data, knowledge and reality can be sensed. Anything that cannot be sensed has no influence on one.

All data can be sensed. Anything that is part of knowledge or reality can be sensed. It can be sensed because it has substance. It can be categorized as thought, energy and matter. There is nothing beyond it that can influence one.

Our body definitely consists of matter. It has physical energy that extends far beyond the material body. All this matter and energy is wrapped up in thought.

If there is matter, then there is energy and thought too. They cannot be separated from each other, though we can consider them separately for analysis purposes. We may assign different names to different aspects of what we sense, but this process of naming does not separate these things from each other.

The whole system of what we sense is essentially one. It is always continuous, consistent and harmonious with small or large gradients.



Compare the above to the following factor in Scientology.

Scientology Factor # 13. The dimension points are each and every one, whether large or small, solid. And they are solid solely because the viewpoints say they are solid.

The meaning of dimension points being solid can only be interpreted as having a definite characteristic common to them. This is the characteristic of being viewed or sensed. There is nothing arbitrary about it. This is just how it is. This is the basis of the universe and reality.



We identify one thing that we sense as different from another thing that we sense, and name them so. But they are ultimately related because we sense them all. They cannot be completely separated from each other.


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