KHTK Factor # 11

Reference: A Course on the Factors

KHTK Factor # 11: Seeking of the Unknowable leads to multiple viewpoints. When the views from these viewpoints are compared, and the differences are resolved, one comes closer to knowing the Unknowable.

Truth is always consistent regardless of the viewpoint from which it is viewed. Therefore, to discover the truth, one looks at it from different viewpoints and resolves all inconsistencies; or, more generally, the anomalies.

When all anomalies are resolved what is left is the truth!

When confronted with the unknowable, different theories come about to figure out the mystery from the clues available. Different viewpoints put forth different theories. We then start to compare these theories with each other, and anomalies come up. This gives us trails to follow. As we follow these trails, bits and pieces of truth start to come up. 

Sooner or later we put these pieces together by resolving the anomalies among them, and voila! A bigger piece of truth truth suddenly appears.  



Compare the above to the following factor in Scientology.

Scientology Factor # 11. But there are other viewpoints and these viewpoints out-thrust points to view. And there comes about an interchange amongst viewpoints; but the interchange is never otherwise than in terms of exchanging dimension points.

This factor from Hubbard is a bit too abstract; but, it does provide some guidance to those, who look at it closely.



Logic simply tells you where to look; but then one has to do the looking. 

There is a jungle of data out there. It is a matter of recognizing that particular datum, which qualifies as the truth.

The East and West offer two different viewpoints of how the universe came about. When the views from these viewpoints are compared, and the differences are resolved, we shall be much closer to knowing the nature of this universe.

This is what we are doing in Subject Clearing.


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