Spacetime and Geometry


  1. Motion becomes “Spacetime” when cycles are introduced.
  2. Introduction of a cycle = emergence of space and time
  3. It means that space and time form the dimensions of cyclical motion.
  4. Motion when repeated gains consistency and appears as substance.
  5. The consistency of substance provides a measure of inertia.
  6. Space becomes the extents, and time becomes the duration of substance
  7. “Location” may be defined as the extents and duration of substance.



  1. The geometrical points in space actually represent discrete atoms in a field of gravity.
  2. The points or atoms form the discrete foreground.
  3. The space or the field of gravity form the continuous background. 
  4. The atom become more centered as its mass increases. The geometrical point doesn’t capture this.
  5. The field of gravity has many gradients. The geometrical space doesn’t capture this.


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