The Mystery of Quantum Entanglement

The concept of a PARTICLE is related to the concept of a POINT. Fractally, we assume that a point remains a point no matter how much we expand it. But this is not so in reality as we descend from the material region into the energy region and down the electromagnetic spectrum.

A material point expands in the atomic region. In a hydrogen atom, if we think of the proton as a point, then the electron is a much expanded point. The electron is actually the size of the hydrogen atom with the proton at its center. An electron is about 1840 times larger than the proton, just as the proton is 1840 times denser than the electron.

Instead we assume the electron to be of a dimension even smaller than a proton. We then worry about the position of the electron in the hydrogen atom. We imagine the electron to have a velocity. Later this same assumption leads to the amazement of there being a quantum entanglement. Underlying all such observations is the assumption that electron is even smaller than a proton. 

If we view matter as condensed energy, then it is obvious that matter would expand as it de-condenses into energy in the sub-atomic region. If we view space as denoting the extents of matter and energy, we can visualize space itself expanding in the sub-atomic region. This goes back to the idea of a “mathematical point” expanding when applied to reality.

This becomes more obvious as we see energy wavelength increasing as we go down the electromagnetic spectrum. What is energy wavelength really? We visualize it in terms of a material wavelength like that of a ripple of water in a pond. But they are not the same in reality. Increase in energy wavelength down the electromagnetic spectrum is actually the space expanding.

This also explains the velocity of light being so large. When we assume a light particle to be the size of a “material particle,” we must assume it has a large velocity to “be” in the expanded “light space.”

Quantum entanglement becomes clearer as we see this expanded energy space being superimposed on the material space. We detect the phenomenon of quantum entanglement because the detecting instruments exist in the material space, while the phenomenon exists in the energy space.

The basic mystery lies in our visualization in the material frame of reference.


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