Subject Clearing Books and Articles

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

As you study a book or an article on a subject, your purpose is to grasp it fully. The data contained in the material can be quite complicated. So, you carefully study one paragraph at a time. When there a confusion, doubt or perplexity in paragraph, clear it up using the procedure given in Word Meanings.

You may write your comments at the end  of the paragraphs summing up your understanding. You may also comment on inconsistencies still unhandled after clearing up the word meanings in that paragraph. You comment as if you are having a heart-to-heart conversation with the author. 

Once you reach the end of the chapter some of the inconsistencies that you observed earlier may get handled. So, you review all your comments and summarize them for that chapter.  Write your summary at the end of the chapter. In the Chapter summary, you may also list the key words, if any, that are addressed in that chapter. 

Here is an example of a book that is being subject cleared: Hubbard 1952: A History of Man.


Gaps in Materials

As you make progress in your study of a subject as above, you become aware of the gaps in knowledge that you would like to fill. The most important gaps to fill are in the fundamentals of the subject. So you become more selective in choosing the materials to study on that subject.

You might end up with a list of inconsistencies or anomalies present in the subject.


Key Word List & Glossary

Your comments on the books and articles may help you generate a Key Word List and Glossary for the subject according to Key Word List & Glossary.

Here is an example: Subject: Dianetics Basics.

The Key Word List and Glossary are working documents. They are continuously being reviewed and updated by you.


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