Akasha (Sadhguru)

Akasha: The Most Mysterious of the Five Elements

SUMMARY: Akasha is ether and not space.

What does it take to Access Akashic Records?

Akasha is a boundless dimension. It is mystical in nature. It is one of the five elements of this creation. If we increase the proportion of Akasha in our makeup our ability to perceive is tremendously enhanced. This ability to perceive is different from intellect. It goes beyond the five senses. It gives the person a great sense of freedom in that one is not tied down to anything. It gives you mastery over the five elements. One goes beyond the sense of inward and outward. It is constantly going in and out as in breathing. The elements do not respect the boundary of your body. There is no privacy. You expose yourself completely to the elements. Move to a loser level of clothing. There must be space between your body and what you wear. Attention comes before any practice. By attention one knows there is a transaction (not by intellect).

First take charge of the most obvious transactions—breath, food, consumption of water, temperature of the body and outside. Just pay a little more attention to these obvious transactions. You will see that the experience of life will rise to a completely different level. Be aware of everything you are doing.

The possibility of knowing the dimensions of the beyond, and dipping into the mystical nature of existence is very much rooted in the elemental composition of who we are. Fantastic things can also turn your life upside down.

SUMMARY: Akasha seems to be the dimension of attention that is spread over everything that is contained in space—from matter to quantum particles to electromagnetic radiation to more esoteric particles and radiation related to sensations, emotions and thought. The attention is made up of awareness and curiosity. Akasha = “attention filling the space”.

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