DS 20 Summary

Reference: Data Series

Reference: Data Series 20—MORE OUTPOINTS



While there could be many many oddities classifiable as outpoints, those selected and named as such are major in importance whereas others are minor. 



“Wrong Source” is the other side of the coin of wrong target. Information taken from wrong source, orders taken from the wrong source, gifts or materiel taken from wrong source all add up to eventual confusion and possible trouble. 

Not only taking data from wrong source but officialdom from it can therefore be sufficiently aberrated as to result in planetary insanity. In a lesser level, taking a report from a known bad hat and acting upon it is the usual reason for errors made in management.



When two statements are made on one subject which are contrary to each other, we have “Contrary facts”. Since one of them must be false, and one cannot offhand distinguish which is the false fact, it becomes a special outpoint. 

In interrogation this point is so important that anyone giving two contrary facts becomes a prime suspect for further investigation. “I am a Swiss Citizen” as a statement from someone who has had a German passport found in his baggage would be an example. 

These two outpoints will be found useful in analysis. 


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