DS 6 Summary

Reference: Data Series

Reference: Data Series 6—DATA SYSTEMS



Two bad systems are in current use on data.

A. Reliable Source. 

In this system a report is considered true or factual only if the source is well thought of. This is a sort of authority system.

B. Multiple Report

In this system, if a report is heard from several areas or people it is “true.”

These two systems of evaluation are both birdbrain.



The two problems that information collection agencies have are:

  1. Data evaluation, and
  2. How to locate the areas they should closely investigate.

These agencies throw out every item received that is not “reliable” or “multiple.” They cannot pinpoint where they should investigate or even what to investigate because they do not use their outpoints.

The above data errors are practiced by the largest data collection agencies on the planet—the “professionals.” These advise their governments! And are the only advisers of their governments.



The collection and use of data to estimate situations to guide national actions and the data collection by a housewife going shopping are based on the same principles.

So at top and bottom, any operation requires a grasp of data evaluation and situation estimation.

Logic and illogic are the stuff of survive and succumb. There are those who wish to survive.


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