SADHGURU 2016: Body: The Ultimate Machine

Reference: Inner Engineering (Content)

This paper presents the summary of Part two, chapter 2.1, from the book, INNER ENGINEERING By Sadhguru. The contents are from the first edition (2016) of this book published in the United States by Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York.

The summary of the original material (in black) is accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.


Body: The Ultimate Machine

The physical body is the ultimate machine.  It has created all other machines in the world. In yogic sciences, everything is just a body—whether it is a food body, a mind body, an energy body, an etheric body, or a bliss body. This idea of body grounds us firmly in the tangible. 

The physical body is a pretty complete and self-contained instrument. It is designed to function by itself without much intervention. It embodies the highest level of mechanics, electronics, and electrical circuitry that one can imagine. It has intelligence to transform food into the highest piece of technological excellence in just a few hours.

This intelligence is way beyond the logical mind, but it is working at an unconscious level. If we can only bring just a little bit of this intelligence to the conscious level, we would live magically.

We can become super capable if we can only become conscious of what we are already doing unconsciously.


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