SADHGURU 2016: When I Lost My Sense

Reference: Inner Engineering (Content)

This paper presents the summary of Part one, chapter 2, from the book, INNER ENGINEERING By Sadhguru. The contents are from the first edition (2016) of this book published in the United States by Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York.

The summary of the original material (in black) is accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.


When I Lost My Sense

Real education comes from the direct observation of nature, life and human activity, and not through language. Meditation is simply observing your thoughts just like you observe any other human activity. When your mental matrix opens up to the universal matrix, the sense of mine is gone and nature takes over.

With a well-assimilated matrix, one can easily recall all past experiences in vivid details. The person is extroverted and can easily notice anomalies in the environment. To keep one’s matrix well-assimilated, a person always questions everything that doesn’t make sense, no matter how small.

The state of “I don’t know” has immense value in learning. One should not destroy this state with beliefs and assumptions. There is enquiry of the universe with eyes open; there is also the enquiry of “me” with eyes closed. Eventually the certainty of “me” collapses as a deeper sense of what it is to be a human being starts to open up.

The practice of yoga helps develop the sense of what it is to be a human being. If you really want to know spirituality, don’t look for anything. Simply look without motive. It is not the object of your search that is important; it is the faculty of looking.

Wide study is necessary to resolve the anomalies one finds oneself surrounded by. There is a natural urge to resolve anomalies. The most interesting question is, “How?”

The transformation of the energy of food into the energy of body cells, when experienced, shifts the sense of “I”. Conscious awareness of this energy of the body cells has the power of healing you very rapidly. Being in touch with this fundamental intelligence is quite transformative both for you and for those around you.

Human intellect is mere smartness that ensures survival, but, the ultimate intelligence is the life itself. The human body can function as a piece of flesh and blood or as the very source of creation. The human spine isn’t just a bad arrangement of bones; it is the very axis of the universe. 

Yoga is the union of the mental matrix with the universal matrix. We all are seeking to become infinite; the only problem is that we are seeking it in installments. The human desire is not for any particular thing, but just to expand without limit.

Real Yoga is being totally in tune with Nature. There is no attention on “me” then.


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