Theta-MEST Theory, Revised

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This is a revised presentation of Hubbard’s Theta-Mest Theory.

An anomaly is any violation of the oneness of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

MEST is a word formed from the initial letters of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. It represents the physical universe. The substance of the universe consists of matter and energy where matter is the condensed form of energy. Space denotes the extents of the substance of the universe. Time denotes the duration of this substance. Therefore, MEST is any or all arrangements of the substance of the universe whether in energy or material form.

Theta represents the degree of continuity, consistency and harmony of MEST. Very high theta means a state of MEST that is highly continuous, consistent and harmonious.

Pure theta is the state of MEST that is free of anomalies. The state of MEST is enturbulated as anomalies enter in the form of discontinuities, inconsistencies and disharmonies. We may call this state “enturbulated theta” of “entheta.” There is a scale from pure theta to complete entheta that describes the various states of MEST.


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