A New Theory of Gravitation

Reference: A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics

Matter and electromagnetic radiation are two different kind of substances that exist in in space. It appears that space is also a substance that is very different from electromagnetic radiation and matter. When something moves through space, it is like a “condensed pattern of substance” passing through the substance of space. At the front end of that pattern space is transforming into that pattern; and at the back end the pattern is transforming back into space. It, therefore, appears that the pattern is moving through the space.

This explains why matter, that has the highest consistency of substance, also have the lowest speed, because the gradient of conversion from space to matter is extremely high. Therefore, matter resists being accelerated in space. It has the highest inertia.

Compared to matter, light has a much higher natural speed in space. But this speed has a limit. This means that light also has inertia, but it is many orders of magnitude smaller than the inertia of matter. The light consists of electromagnetic field, which has a consistency many orders of magnitude lower than matter. That seems to explain the high natural speed of light.

Electron exists at the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum. That means its consistency is much higher than the consistency of light but not as high as that of matter. When electron is “accelerated,” its consistency increases, and so does its inertia. This is seen as the “mass of the electron increasing with velocity.”

Can the above theory explain the gravitational force between two heavenly bodies?

We may postulate that the gravitational field around the planets exists because the space has become more concentrated around the planets. The gravitational force between two planets is related to the masses of the planets and the space between them. The space between the planets shall be more concentrated than the space behind them. The gradient of conversion from space to mass is smaller between the two planets, compared to the gradient from mass to space behind them. This differential of gradient on the two sides of each planet will naturally propel them toward each other. We attribute the reason for this attraction to the “gravitational force.”

In other words, when two masses are accelerating towards each other, the space between them is condensing and converting to masses faster than the mass converting back into space on the back side. There is a conversion differential set up that is pushing the masses toward each other.

Gravity is the condensation of space near the masses. Space is more condensed between the masses than away from them. Condensed space converts more easily into mass. That generates the attraction between the masses.

Electromagnetic radiation has boundaries with space too. Substance is converting between space and electromagnetic radiation at these boundaries. This explains motion and inertia of electromagnetic radiation.

When something is moving in space it is eating space at the front end and spitting it out at the other end. This is the basic postulate on which this theory of gravitation is based.


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