Gravitational Radiation

Reference: A Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics

The DOPA (Differential Opposing Partial Absorption) theory has four presumptive tenets. Firstly, that gravitational waves exist. Secondly, that they are traveling through the universe in every direction. Thirdly, that they penetrate and pass through matter with great ease. And, fourthly, that in passing through matter they impose a tiny accelerating force on each atom in the direction of wave propagation, giving up energy in exchange.

DOPA theory does not define what a gravitational wave is. According to the “Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics” (LATP) a gravitational wave is more like “fluctuations” in the gravitational field. 

A field has substance. This substance has consistency (a degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc.). The field fluctuates in its consistency. Such fluctuations appear as force. A fluctuation spreads through the field. The rapidity with which it spreads depends on the consistency of the field. The lower is the consistency the more rapidly the fluctuation spreads in the field. The fluctuation spreads out in all directions.

It is postulated that this gravitational field is space itself, and the fluctuations in space appear as gravitational force. The consistency of space is extremely small. Therefore, the progress of gravitational fluctuation through space is extremely rapid.

The electromagnetic field has a very large spectrum. The fluctuations in electromagnetic field appear as the electromagnetic force that radiates out in all directions. Light is an example of it. The electromagnetic field has much higher consistency than space. Therefore, it is expected that gravitational fluctuation shall spread much faster than the speed of light.

We may, therefore, assume the presence of “gravitational radiation.”

We understand the atom to be an “energy whirlpool” in which energy is condensing toward its center. This is the same pattern that we see in galaxies. The atom has its “nucleus” at the center just like the galaxy has its “black hole.” Atoms are oriented in random directions in space just like the galaxies are. We may say that matter forms the upper end of the energy spectrum.

The force that fills the space has both gravitational and electromagnetic characteristics. As energy condenses into mass at the center of the atom, both gravitational and electromagnetic force gets concentrated in the nucleus. As this force spreads out from the atom it exhibits only its gravitational component at the farthest reaches. Thus, it may be said that gravitational force “penetrates and passes through matter with great ease.”

Of course, gravitational force is manifested throughout the universe. We see it manifested at cosmic level. It is then not a stretch to consider the gravitational force also being manifested at the atomic level.

The gravitational force is the ultimate expression of substance. We know matter as substance because it is obviously substantial. Since Einstein we have come to recognize energy as a substance too. Now it seems that we need to recognize space itself as a substance for it carries the gravitational radiation.

DOPA seems to assume that gravitational waves by default are very strong. The gravitational force becomes strong only when “space” condenses itself as “mass.” DOPA seems to assume non-moving points in space. Non-moving points in space are simply the points of condensed space.

“Substantiality” is the most fundamental dimension in this universe. Substantiality increases from space to energy to matter. The gradient of substantiality appears as force. There is a high gradient of substantiality between the nucleus and surrounding electronic region. This is where force appears as charge.


DOPA = Differential Opposing Partial Absorption
LIGO = Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatories at Livingston and Hanford, USA.
EMF = Electromagnetic Field


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  • Chris Thompson  On August 4, 2021 at 8:50 PM

    “We may, therefore, assume the presence of ‘gravitational radiation.’ ”

    I have pondered this quite a bit and believe this is what we could call anti-gravity.

    We do not experience this because of our narrow existence. This is not particularly something that we can do anything about because we see only through a keyhole view the universe. It seems that on an intergalactic level, gravity may ebb and flow like the tide.

    we are matter, we live on matter, we breath and eat matter and thusly we are existing within only the tractor beam side of gravity. Possibly this is as simple as being a local condition and possibly it would take getting some distance away before your gravitational radiation half of the sine wave could be observed commonplace.

    Obviously something about this is both commonplace and at the same time being undetectable from our small corner of the universe if we are to believe our astronomers who tell us that the universe is tearing itself apart.


  • Chris Thompson  On August 4, 2021 at 8:56 PM

    Some of our understandings may simply be perpetually plagued by immense differences in scale. Just as one cannot understand sub-atomic physics by studying Newton, possibly one cannot understand inter-galactic scale by studying Newtonian scales either.


  • vinaire  On August 6, 2021 at 9:42 AM

    There seem to be three layers of substance:
    1. Material
    2. Electromagnetic
    3. Gravitational

    Material has highest consistency. Electromagnetic has a consistency many orders less than material. It seems that gravitational has a consistency many orders less than Electromagnetic.

    The speed of light reflects the ratio of the material to electromagnetic consistencies. No substance with the characteristic of mass can have a consistency less than the electromagnetic consistency. Therefore, no substance with the characteristic of mass can have a speed greater than the speed of light.

    We do not know much about gravitational substance. It is postulated that gravitational has a consistency many orders less than Electromagnetic.

    The speed of gravity shall reflect in the ratio of the material to gravitational consistencies. This ratio is expected to be much greater than the ratio that determines speed of light. I expect gravitational fluctuations to move at a speed many orders faster than the speed of light.


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