Omnipresence & Static

In my opinion “spacetime” is not something. It is an abstract concept that points to the characteristic of energy. Energy has extents (space), and duration (time). Space and time are related to each other through energy, and therefore, may be described together. Spacetime changes as energy condenses. Spacetime is a characteristic of energy that doesn’t exist in the absence of energy.

So, essentially, you may say that energy is omnipresent as it expresses itself as space, time, light and matter. I differ here from both Hubbard and Einstein. I see energy as the basic substance of the universe. It is motivated by an inherent impulse.

Thus, any fundamental concept that is universal is OMNIPRESENT.

That which is omnipresent has all motion inside it, while It is not attached to that motion.

Thus, the basic characteristic of omnipresence is the STATIC viewpoint.

Am I defining God here?


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