The Scope of Dianetics

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on Book One, Chapter 1, “The Scope of Dianetics” from  DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
The Scope of Dianetics

Let’s answer the questions posed by Hubbard in this chapter with the help of Buddhism as follows.

  1. The goal of thought is to integrate all that is experienced. One does that by resolving any and all anomalies. 
  2. The single source of all anomalies are impressions in the mind that one is not aware of. 
  3. An integration occurs automatically the moment one becomes aware of the impressions related to an anomaly, thus bringing its resolution.
  4. That awareness comes from patiently confronting the anomaly without avoiding, resisting, suppressing or denying any experience (past or ongoing) connected with it. 
  5. To prevent any likelihood of mental derangement, one is careful not to interfere with the contents of the mind by ransacking them randomly.
  6. The above points provide us with an outline for curing all psychosomatic ills.

Resolution of the anomalies that we experience then cures the psychosomatic ills and the aberrations in feelings and behavior. It also produces a condition of ability and rationality, and enhances vigor and personality. A person’s behavior is always good after his anomalies are resolved. He has easy access to all his memories. The integration in the mind assimilates the literal recordings of memories into smooth multi-dimensional narratives. A workable model of the mind starts to come into view.



The first ten axioms of Dianetics are also presented here. These axioms were put together by Hubbard to demonstrate the preciseness of Dianetics. Revisions are proposed based on consistency with Buddhism.


DN AXIOM 1: The source of life is a static of peculiar and particular properties.

The static is actually the reference point for all motion, just like zero is a reference point for all numbers. Hubbard is looking at life as being full of motion. One can become fully aware of motion only from a viewpoint relatively static to it.

DN AXIOM 1 (proposed): Life is fully experienced from a viewpoint relatively static to it.


DN AXIOM 2: At least a portion of the static called life is impinged upon the physical universe.

There is no such thing as “portion of the static” since static is not a thing. All we have is a static viewpoint. From this viewpoint we can see interactions within the body; and the body interacting with its environment. We see “life” and the “physical universe” as part of the universe that we experience. They are not separate from each other.

DN AXIOM 2 (proposed): Life evolves from very simple properties to increasingly complex properties


DN AXIOM 3: That portion of the static of life which is impinged upon the physical universe has for its dynamic goal, survival and only survival.

We see the following from the static viewpoint: Forms have been evolving in this universe since the supposed Big Bang. Life forms appeared at some point later in this evolution. The life forms survive for a period, and then they die to make room for more evolved forms. No life form survives permanently. The life form evolves by interacting with its environment.

DN AXIOM 3 (proposed): Individual organisms are surviving, but the universe as a whole is evolving.


DN AXIOM 4: The physical universe is reducible to motion of energy operating in space through time.

The substance of the universe is energy. Energy has an inherent impulse. The higher is the frequency of this impulse the denser is the appearance of energy, and the more it shrinks and gains endurance. The shrinkage of energy appears to slow it down. The dimensions of energy appear as space, and the duration of energy appears as time.

DN AXIOM 4 (proposed): The substance of the universe is energy, its extent is space, and its duration is time.


DN AXIOM 5: That portion of the static of life concerned with the life organisms of the physical universe is concerned wholly with motion.

Motion of energy seems to decrease as its density increases. Thus patterns of density in energy also appear as patterns of motion as viewed from the static viewpoint.

DN AXIOM 5 (proposed): As energy condenses it slows down; this gives the impression of relative motion.


DN AXIOM 6: The life static has as one of its properties the ability to mobilize and animate matter into living organisms.

Inanimate matter, with increase in complexity, evolves into living organisms. An organism is mobilized by its own inherent impulse.

DN AXIOM 6 (proposed): Energy evolves into self-animated living organisms.


DN AXIOM 7: The life static is engaged in a conquest of the physical universe.

There is no “spiritual agent” engaged in the conquest of “physical universe”. In fact, the separation of physical and spiritual universes is just an assumption. The static viewpoint sees the natural process of the universe evolving from electromagnetic radiation to quanta to atoms to minerals to living organisms.

DN AXIOM 7 (proposed): The universe evolves from electromagnetic radiation to quanta to atoms to minerals to living organisms.


DN AXIOM 8: The life static conquers the material universe by learning and applying the physical laws of the physical universe.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the LIFE STATIC in use hereafter is the Greek letter THETA.

The “Life Static” is simply a viewpoint that allows full perception of motion. From this viewpoint all laws governing motion can be perceived in their entirety. Therefore, THETA is a static viewpoint.

DN AXIOM 8 (proposed): THETA is the static viewpoint from which all the laws of motion are fully perceived.


DN AXIOM 9: A fundamental operation of THETA in surviving is bringing order into the chaos of the physical universe.

THETA is simply a viewpoint. This viewpoint observes that all motion in the universe is evolving from chaos toward increasing order.

DN AXIOM 9 (proposed): As energy evolves it becomes increasingly structured in an orderly manner.


DN AXIOM 10: THETA brings order into chaos by conquering whatever in MEST may be pro-survival and destroying whatever in MEST may be contra-survival, at least through the medium of life organisms.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE in use hereafter is MEST, from the first letters of the words MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE and TIME, or the Greek letter PHI.

Hubbard uses THETA as a symbol for a purely “spirtual agent”, and MEST as a symbol for a purely “physical universe”. Both are assumptions that lead to an erroneous hypothesis. THETA may describe a static viewpoint from which motion is perceived in its totality. MEST may simply describe the universe. Thus we observe that life organisms are bringing order to chaos according to a law of harmony. This harmony is manifested in the form of continuity and consistency.

DN AXIOM 10 (proposed): Order evolves from chaos according to the law of harmony that manifests in the form of continuity and consistency.


Summary of Axioms

This universe is the play of the static and the kinetic, the viewpoint and the view, the observer and the observed, the subtle and the condensed, and the chaos and the order; and the overall harmony is expressed in the continuity and consistency of the laws of nature.


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