Perception and Reality

How your perception is your reality, according to psychologists | Well+Good

Matter is the visible layer of the universe. It is made up of discrete particles. These particles have distinct properties of mass and inertia. The next layer is made up of particles of electricity. They have much less mass and inertia, but they carry the property of charge. The subsequent layers are made up of electromagnetic radiation where “particle” properties are gradually replaced by “wave” properties. Instead of mass or charge, we have the property of “frequency”.

Underlying “mass” we have layers of “charge” and “quanta.”

If the layer of matter is solid energy, the next layer of electricity is like a thick fluid of energy. The subsequent layers of electromagnetic radiation are like fluid energy that is gradually thinning in consistency. The “particle” property is slowly replaced by the “wave” property as the fluid energy becomes increasingly thinner.

These layers continually decrease in their consistency and become less particle-like and more fluid-like.

From material to electricity to electromagnetic layers the flow of energy also lessens in curvature from a tight ball to circles of increasing radius until the path becomes almost a straight line. This gives a vortex-like picture of the atom, galaxy and the universe. at the center of which is the nucleus, or a black hole, and the energy becoming increasingly fluid and thinning toward some indistinct periphery.

There is a vortex-like configuration of energy that defines the atom.

The nucleus of an atom is made up of very condensed energy that appears as a solid ball. Electrons are 1840 times “thinner”, and less curved in their path. Schrödinger’s equation simply describes the flow of a very thick fluid-like energy that is curving on itself but has not yet become as condensed as the solid nucleus. Other quantum “particles” are fluid energy that simply varies in consistency and curvature.

All quantum “particles” are actually fluid energy of thick but differing consistencies.

The idea of “particle” comes from the impact it generates upon collision. This impact furnishes the ideas of mass and force. If you magnify this quantum “particle” it will appear to be made of a force field spread in space. This is the same thing as fluid energy of a certain consistency. This consistency gets thinner as the “frequency” decreases. So, the bottom most layer of this universe shall have no consistency or “frequency”. This is the significance of the Higgs boson. It is the fundamental layer of the universe that coagulates to form all the layers above it.

Higgs boson is fluid energy of lightest consistency that coagulates to form all the layers above it.

When we look at atom as a particle, we shall see it as consisting of all layers—mass of highest consistency at the center to the Higgs boson of least consistency at the periphery of a vortex. What is beyond the Higgs boson is as yet unknown. Maybe those unknown layers beyond are somehow made up of emotion and thought. The question would then become, “What is beyond thought?” Ultimately, we’ll have to admit the presence of some unknown dimension from which thought, emotion, energy and their innate motion arise and, then vanish back into it with the pattern of layers maintained eternally. This is the ultimate study of creation and destruction.

Beyond Higgs boson is some other dimension.

We may refer to the unknown dimension as BRAHMAN or GOD, but that does not make it knowable. We have simply given it another label. This dimension cannot be accessed through reasoning because the human intellect lies in the energy dimension. But it may be accessed in deep state of meditation.

The Isha Upanishad states, “the Brahman forms everything that is living or non-living … the wise man knows that all beings are identical with his self, and his self is the self of all beings.”


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