The Law of Mindfulness

The Law of Mindfulness is,

NO PAST IDEAS AND LEARNING IN THE AREA OF DOUBT AND PERPLEXITY ARE SACROSANCT (meaning so “sacred” that you cannot question them).

There is no such thing as absolute perfection. I do not regard either Buddhism or Scientology to be absolutely perfect. That would simply amount to having a closed mind. As a scientist, I have learned to have an open mind.

If a person is too attached to an idea, and another person comes and AS-IS-ES that idea (calls it out for what it is) toward greater truth, the first person may consider it to be an attack.

But the second person is simply trying to reach a greater truth while the first person is trying to protect an ALTER-IS-NESS (shift away from truth).

When there are disagreements, the correct approach is to engage in a mindfulness discussion.


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