SCN 8-8008: General Processing

This paper presents Section 46 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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General Processing

Anything which rehabilitates the self-determinism of a preclear, whether education, change of environment, running facsimiles, theta clearing or the creation of one’s own universe, is valid processing. Any one of these will raise the tone of the preclear markedly.

Anything that helps mental matrix function more efficiently is valid processing. This is the source of self-determinism. Education may help clarify misunderstanding; change of environment may help calm the mind; running facsimiles may help assimilate the mental matrix better; theta clearing may help clear the filters; and creation of one’s own universe may help resolve inconsistencies.

At the end of 80,000 hours of investigation of beingness in the MEST universe, I have concluded that those processes which make it possible for the preclear to disagree with the MEST universe also make it possible for him to handle the MEST universe, or to create his own or be part of a group which creates a universe, as the case may be. Scientology 8-8008 is remarkable for its ability to better the beingness and action potentials of the individual. It is, sadly enough, the only technique which I have seen produce excellent and fast results in the hands of trained auditors.

Processes that help a person to question things, which he is taking for granted are very helpful. Scientology 8-8008 processes are remarkable in this sense.

Mainly the reason is that homo sapiens has and will continue to use, any technique delivered into his hands for the control and enslavement of others, for homo sapiens is frightened. Even when an auditor was competent with earlier techniques, it would often occur that his preclear would return into his past environment and would relapse. This occurred because others had a vested interest in the preclear’s continuation in a state of aberration; and others would lose no moment in starting again to crush this preclear down the tone-scale to a point where they conceived, he was more easily controlled.

It is best to have processes that a person can apply to oneself because man cannot be trusted to help others unconditionally.

Mest is the most easily controlled item in the MEST universe, and the closer a human being could be pressed toward MEST, the easier, it was thought, to control him. That his value and ethical sense deteriorated in direct ratio to the degree he was depressed down the tone-scale, was overlooked by the homo sapiens who had a passion for slavery. The primary benefit of Scientology 8-8008 is that it works so swiftly even when indifferently used that the persons in the environment of the preclear are over-reached rapidly by the preclear and find themselves subject to his control when they act to continue his aberration. Further the auditor is seldom aware of the height his preclear attains until the preclear has attained it.

A mechanical (stimulus-response) condition is easy to enslave, so the general effort in society is to damage the sense of ethics and reduce man to this state of slavery. Scientology 8-8008 processes work swiftly enough to overcome that barrier.

Processing has always worked in the hands of a competent auditor; and it were better for any technique, no matter how dangerous, to be known to Man if it could benefit at least a few, for homo sapiens has no psychotherapy. In Dianetics he had his first thoroughly validated psychotherapy and Dianetics worked and still works uniformly in the hands of those skilled in its application. In Scientology in general, and in theta clearing in particular, the upper limits of homo sapiens as such have been transcended and it would not be good semantics to call a theta clear a homo sapiens or even, exactly speaking, a person, for he is a thetan with a body he uses for purposes of action and communication, and his viewpoint is quite altered.

It is better to let every technique become known, even when some may misuse them. There have been no workable therapies until Dianetics came along. These therapies have been improved even further in Scientology.

His general health is more or less directly under his control, but there is no goal for the body as a final goal in Scientology, for the body is a tool. The genetic entity, which built the human body, really wanted to be served. The complexities and ridges which he developed speak of a craving for energy and self-service which could only be the basest aberration, and, true enough, the genetic entity is aberrated almost beyond belief, as any thetan discovers when he seeks to clear the genetic entity.

As the viewpoint improves, the person takes care of his health. Scn does not focus on the body as it considers it to be a tool only. The genetic entity is the essence of the body that is concerned about the body only.

The body is quite alive and self-motivated without the thetan, as the thetan soon discovers; but it is so used to taking orders from successive lines of thetans which themselves someday would probably become part of this complex system of ridges, that its “mental activities” are quite stupid. The thetan who has lived in this association and has believed himself to be the body is early quite appalled at the character of the genetic entity who is cowardly, a thing of stimulus-response, without further will or goals than to grow a body, and obsessed entirely with the idea of growing one.

The body, through genetic entity, appears to be self-motivated but it is important to realize that it is just a stimulus-response system.

The thetan can repair the body quite easily if he so chooses, but quite often sees it as a pointless activity; for one’s personality is not even faintly dependent upon the body but is only debased by association with one. When one has learned to control a body from a distance, he is usually content to let it get along as best it can, for the reduction of all counter-efforts of the genetic entity would be a reduction of the entire body. The genetic entity has his whole track and has had his own travails. In other parts of space, not too incredibly, “dolls” are used by thetans—things which can be animated easily by theta energy and which are disposable, and which do not have the uncomfortable circumstance of being themselves any more alive than any other MEST.

Given the right environment, the body pretty much takes care of itself. A person should simply make sure that the body has the right nutrients.

The MEST universe itself has a considerable cravingness in it. It is composed of energy which was emanated in order to have, and the energy still contains as its basic characteristic Have and Not Have, and is itself, when contacted, found to possess a craving which does not make the MEST alive but which speaks of that which made the MEST. This cravingness is an essential part of all matter. Certain metals contain the desire to be had much more than others, and certain other metals contain the craving not to be had. This is one way of looking at positive and negative reactions. The body’s being composed of such energy makes it feel as though it is holding on to the thetan. Nothing is really holding on to the thetan since he has no substance, which can be held. Even the genetic entity does not hold on to the thetan, but probably considers him some sort of far off commanding god—if he thinks of the thetan at all.

The MEST universe is stimulus-response in character, and the body, mind and viewpoint have evolved from it toward greater self-determinism. The evolution of this whole system and the interdependencies need to be understood as best as possible. There are cravings and reactions that need to be understood and controlled.

Space has its own demanding quality and insists on its dimensions being accepted by anything in the universe, for it was erected and is erected on a command basis in the MEST universe.

Space is simply the extents of matter, light and gravity that it contains.

Processing must resolve this havingness on the part of matter, and the commandingness on the part of space. To confront these directly is, for most preclears, an impossibility, for it only drives them further into an apathy of agreement with MEST. The preclear has long contested with the MEST universe and has continually sought to create his own universe only to find the MEST universe declaring itself stronger each time and compressing the illusion to nothing.

It is knowledge that makes it possible for Theta and MEST to work harmoniously together as a system.

The war cry of the MEST universe is: “Must have gotten it somewhere,” and “It must have gone somewhere.” It will not tolerate the vaguest possibility that one created himself or could destroy anything himself. The whole sub-zero scale is a manifestation of one’s efforts to combat this demandingness on the part of the MEST universe. Hiding, protecting, owning, are all mechanisms to answer the question, “Where did you get it?” “What did you do with it?” The MEST universe, in this light, is essentially a police universe, for it operates upon force and intolerance and demands with pain that its laws be accepted. In that its laws are based solely upon agreement; it is only necessary to discover how one can disagree with them to abolish what has been called “natural law” for oneself. Upon the abolishment of this agreement depends the health, progress and advancement of the thetan. This universe is a major expanding trap of finite dimensions and rather idiotic simplicity. If one were to leave the MEST universe, one would solely create space of his own and maintain enough knowledge of what could happen with regard to the MEST universe to defeat its encroachment and its salesmen. No universe, however, cunningly constructed, is entirely proof against this expanding trap. The MEST universe is a game which has gone on too long and of which even the players are tired. Earth could be considered to be at this time an egress terminal.

MEST is not inimical to Theta. It is neither superior nor inferior. It is simply part of the whole system. It has certain laws. The more one understands these laws the better one can work with them. The laws are to be understood and not just agreed upon. There is a lot more to be understood about the mind.

It is noteworthy that one must not accept or know any of these conditions to have these processes work. They act very swiftly and uniformly on any homo sapiens and upon other beings. A considerable number of the principles which have been discovered in Scientology exist above the MEST universe. The MEST universe itself might be considered to be the “inevitable average” of illusion once it starts in a certain direction. We have in natural law as applied to the MEST universe the sum of agreement upon illusion. Tracing the principles of Scientology as they apply specifically to the MEST universe, is the tracing of the agreements which brought about the MEST universe. The axioms of 1951 are, in the main, a tracing of this agreement. The inevitability and “diabolical accuracy” of these predictions of human behavior depend upon their being held in common by Man, which they are. They extend as well to other beings below the level of player in this universe and have applied to many sets of players, while much of the data which has been recovered in this investigation seems, to the narrow scope of homo sapiens, quite wild, the wildness depends on the absence of investigation in the past and can be compared only to the stupidity which remained ignorant of them; for these matters were an unseen and insidious causation underlying the grief of Earth, at best a pawn in a minor game in a minor galaxy.

One only needs to know the objective principles underlying the Scientology processes. They help one understand the real nature of Theta and MEST. One is generally deluded in one’s perception because of one’s ignorance. Question everything that you perceive.



The MEST universe is stimulus-response in character, and the body, mind and viewpoint have evolved from it toward greater self-determinism. The evolution of this whole system and the interdependencies need to be understood as best as possible. There are cravings and reactions that need to be understood and controlled.

Scientology processes help one question things that are generally taken for granted. One is generally deluded in one’s perception because of one’s ignorance. It is, therefore, very important to question everything until all inconsistencies are resolved.


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