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This paper presents Section 6 from the book SCIENTOLOGY 8-8008 by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Church of Scientology (1952).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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Space is creatable by a thetan. He may also conserve, alter and destroy space.

The most fundamental concept is the force that brings about the changes. These changes are expressed as energy that condenses into matter. The duration of changes is viewed as time; the dimensions of changes are viewed as space.

Space is the first condition necessary to action. The second condition necessary is energy. The third condition is possession or not possession.

In the spiritual dimension, the fundamental force is desire, and the changes are expresseds as consciousness that condenses into identity. Matter and identity provide the idea of possession or not possession.

For the purposes of processing, and possibly for many other purposes, space can be considered to be the equivalent in experience of beingness. One is as alive as he has space and as he can alter and occupy that space.

Space is not empty. It contains energy, matter, consciousness and identity with underlying force and desire. This is the experience of beingness. This is what one is. This is what Scientology is addressing as thetan and its mechanisms.

The workable definition of space is “viewpoint of dimension”: there is no space without viewpoint, there is no space without points to view. This definition of space remedies a very great lack in the field of physics, which defines space simply as that thing in which energy acts. Physics has defined space as change of motion or in terms of time and energy. Time has been defined in terms of space and energy; energy has been defined in terms of space and time only. These definitions, thus interdependent, made a circle out of which there was no exit unless one had a better definition for one of those items: time, space or energy. In such a way was the science of physics limited.

Space consists of identity which provides it a point of view (viewpoint). Space also consists of matter, which provides it with points to view (dimension points). The dimension points lie on a dimension scale. Therefore, we may refer to space as “viewpoint of dimension”.

Space is the viewpoint of dimension. The position of the viewpoint can change, the position of the dimension points can change. A dimension point is any point in a space or at the boundaries of space. As a specialized case those points which demark the outermost boundaries of the space or its corners are called in Scientology anchor points. An anchor point is a specialized kind of dimension point.

Dimension points exist within the space. The “dimension points”, which constitute the boundary of space are called anchor points. The anchor points stabilize the space by acting as constraining factors.

Any energy has as its basic particle a dimension point. The dimension point can be of different kinds and substances. It can combine in various ways, it can take on forms, become objects. It can flow as energy. A particle of admiration or a particle of force are alike dimension points. Dimension points, by shifting, can give the viewpoint the illusion of motion. The viewpoint, by shifting, can give the dimension points the illusion of motion. Motion is the manifestation of change of viewpoint of dimension points.

The free flowing dimension points are particles of energy. The more structured dimension points are particles of matter. The dimension points are of all different kinds, such as, particles of force (in physical dimension) and admiration (in spiritual dimension).

As dimension point shift there is motion. The anchor points may also shift, which brings about a shift in the viewpoint. This brings about a more fundamental motion.

Viewpoints are not visible, but viewpoints can have dimension points which are themselves visible. The basic hidden influence is then a viewpoint. A material of the universe cannot exist in any universe without something in which to exist. The something in which it exists is space, and this is made by the attitude of a viewpoint which demarks an area with anchor points.

Viewpoint is determined by the anchor points, which constrain the motion of dimension points. Thus, viewpoints are visible only indirectly as beliefs, fixed ideas, prejudices, postulates, etc.

Rather than existing on theory, in common with other principles of Scientology this manifestation of created space can be experienced by an individual, who discovers that space can be made coincidentally with any other space. Space then, is not an arbitrary and absolute but it is creatable or uncreatable by a viewpoint.

“Creation of space” means creation of dimension points and anchor points.  Anchor points define the viewpoint, and dimension points define the points to view. Each person does this automatically. This is his space or beingness. He feels most comfortable in it. When people are together their spaces overlap and interact. Spaces are neither arbitrary nor absolute.

Any being is a viewpoint, he is as much a being as he is able to assume viewpoints. Thus in any society we would inevitably have a statement of the infinity of viewpoint such as “God is everywhere.” Beings instinctively assign the most beingness to that thing which would be everywhere and when Man desires to assign an unlimited power or command to anything he says that it is everywhere.

Ability to assume viewpoints mean the ability to rapidly adjust the anchor points. This is possible only when one is operating in a universal context. Thus, the broader is the viewpoint the more capable is the person.



The spiritual equivalents of the physical concepts used here are as follows:

The most fundamental concept is the force that brings about the changes. These changes are expressed as energy that condenses into matter. The duration of changes is viewed as time; the dimensions of changes are viewed as space.

The dimension points within the space provide points to view. Energy is made up of flowing dimension points (quanta). Matter is made up of structured dimension points (atoms). In spiritual dimension, consciousness shall consist of freely associating thoughts. Identity shall be made up of structured thoughts.

The dimension points at the boundary of space are called anchor points. They act as stabilizing constraints. In the spiritual domain, anchor points appear as beliefs, fixed ideas, prejudices, postulates, etc. Thus they constitute the viewpoint. The viewpoint constrains the association of thoughts in consciousness.

In the spiritual domain, the most fundamental concept of force becomes desire. This, on the individual level, in Scientology, is considered as the “thetan”.


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