Meditation 104: Reaction to Locations

Reference: A Scientific Approach to Meditation

Until now you have been meditating in a calm environment. You may find that the calmness of the mind may be affected by different locations. The environments at different locations may trigger different reactions in the mind.

Meditation Exercise 4:

Confronting different environments


To train the student to be there comfortably in different environments. The idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in any environment, to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.


Complete the exercises up to Meditation 103: Reaction to People


Choose an environment that is only slightly more chaotic than the one you feel comfortable in. Sit at a location in that environment where you would not be disturbed physically . Start meditating in that environment with eyes closed, half closed or open as happens naturally. Handle any reactions and mental chattering as per the previous exercises. There should be nothing added to BE there.

You may be apprehensive in the beginning in a new environment and may start meditating with eyes open. But as you feel more comfortable your eyes may close naturally. Let the reactions run out and discharge with eyes closed, half closed and open. Let it all happen naturally.

As you are able to be there comfortably in an environment with no more reactions to run out, you may choose to meditate in a slightly more chaotic environment. You may do at least one 20-minute session in each environment. Some environments may require multiple sessions until you feel totally comfortable.

You should build up your ability to be there comfortably even in very chaotic environments, such as, a crowded mall, a street corner, a crowded bus or train station or even a graveyard in the night (if it is physically safe) without feeling afraid or embarrassed.

End of Exercise:

When major reactions are discharged, and the student can just BE there comfortably in any reasonably safe location, then this exercise is passed.

NOTE: At any point you may return to a previous exercise if you feel that you need to complete it.


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