Lectures on Zen


Reference: Buddhism Research

These are Yasutani-Roshi’s introductory lectures on Zen training from THE THREE PILLARS OF ZEN by Philip Kapleau.


Definitions:    Zen and Zazen

Lecture 1:      Theory and Practice of Zazen

Lecture 2:      Precautions to Observe in Zazen

Lecture 3:      Illusory Visions and Sensations

Lecture 4:      The Five Varieties of Zen

Lecture 5:      The Three Aims of Zazen

Lecture 6:      Individual Instruction

Lecture 7:      Shikan-taza

Lecture 8:      The Parable of Enyadatta

Lecture 9:      Cause and Effect Are One

Lecture 10:    The Three Essentials of Zen Practice

Lecture 11:    Aspiration


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