Anxiety & Resolution (old)

Reference: Mindfulness Approach


Anxiety comes when a person is not certain or confident about the outcome. He is lacking confidence because he does not have clear guidelines or principles to follow. The basic guideline is logic consisting of a sense of continuity, harmony and consistency. In its place this person has confusion, which goes back to past experiences. Such experiences contain confusion that caused anxiety in the past.

The resolution of anxiety requires that one looks at past experiences of anxiety as far back as possible. The person spots the precise confusion present in each of those experiences and compiles a list of those confusions without trying to resolve them. This may take hours if not days.

A complete and precise list of all such confusions must be made first, before any effort is made to resolve.

The next action would be to meditate on that list with mindfulness to see if all these confusions point to a single basic confusion! The person meditates and spots the confusion that is uppermost in his mind. He then simply meditates on that confusion with mindfulness.

Reduce all those confusions to a basic confusion that must be resolved.

The person isolates things from that basic confusion that do not make sense. Such things are illogical because they contain discontinuities, disharmonies or inconsistencies. He traces each discontinuity, disharmony or inconsistency to gaps in awareness.

Meditate on the basic confusion to discover gaps in awareness.

The person looks at each gap more closely. If something comes up then fine, otherwise he moves on to find another gap to examine. All such gaps are interrelated anyway. As he continues to examine these gaps a missing piece will fall into place and, sooner or later, his anxiety will start to lessen.

Let the realization occur by itself without being forced.

The person then continues with this process until all anxiety is gone.


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