Universe, Inertia & Consistency (old)


Reference: Disturbance Theory

The universe is the superset of everything that exists. There is no awareness beyond the universe. We may only speculate what is beyond the universe. When we become aware of something new we see it as part of this universe. We do not see it as “beyond this universe”. This boundary of this universe is thus determined by awareness. Beyond this universe there is simply non-awareness.

This is a universe of awareness. There is no awareness beyond this universe.

The universe consists of awareness. The awareness is made up of perception and further speculations arising from that perception. The perception may be divided into matter, energy, space, and time. When space is disturbed by time we have energy. When that energy condenses we have matter.

We perceive space being disturbed by time into energy. We further perceive energy condensing into matter.

Undisturbed space forms a reference point for this universe, physically as the absence of DISTURBANCE, and metaphysically as the absence of AWARENESS.

Physically, space is disturbed by time. This results in MOTION. The basic motion consists of interchanging electrical and magnetic fields. The frequency of this interchange generates an electromagnetic spectrum. This motion is balanced by inertia to appear as uniform speed.

Inertia in this universe provides a counterbalance to runaway motion.

Metaphysically, space is disturbed by desire. This results in EMOTION. The basic emotion consists of interchanging perception and recognition fields. The frequency of this interchange generates a spectrum of tones. This emotion is balanced by consistency to appear as uniform existence.

Consistency in this universe provides a counterbalance to runaway emotion.

This description of the inertia and consistency is objective. Human awareness is highly complex, but underlying that awareness there is inertia and consistency. This concept of inertia and consistency needs to be applied to the phenomena observed at the sub-atomic level of Quantum Mechanics.


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