The Scientific View


Reference: Scientology

Science assumes that the universe is, as its name implies, a vast single system. It further presumes that the things and events in the universe occur in consistent patterns that are comprehensible through careful, systematic study.

The scientific ideas have developed over the course of human history. The progress of these ideas is marked by improved experimental observations; improved thinking in terms of logic and mathematics; and improved validation in terms of technology.

For the purpose of the current project, we postulate the following.

POSTULATE 1: Universal reality is a single system that is continuous and harmonious at every point in all directions.


Thus, we shall consider scientific knowledge to be logically and intuitively consistent at every point in all directions.

This leads immediately to the following conclusions.

COROLLARY 1: Scientific truth consists of consistency in the perception of reality. Any inconsistency shall indicate missing truth.

COROLLARY 2: The resolution of inconsistency reestablishes the missing truth.

This provides us with a definition of scientific truth as follows.

DEFINITION 1: Scientific truth is knowledge that is consistent with universal reality.


The scientific truth is considered objective because it simply is. It is unmodified. It implies a universal context and a universal viewpoint. A truth is subjective when it is seen to be consistent only within a context where reality is being modified by the personal viewpoint. 

POSTULATE 2: The Scientific Truth simply is. It is objective and unmodified.

COROLLARY 3: Truth is subjective when limited and modified by personal viewpoint.


A personal viewpoint filters the reality. Filtering is done by bias, prejudice, assumption, fixed idea and blind faith.

POSTULATE 3: Personal viewpoint is made up of filters that limit and modify the view.

DEFINITION 2: Filters are made up of bias, prejudice, assumption, fixed idea and blind faith.

COROLLARY 4: Objectivity depends on absence of filters.


Thus, truth may be plotted on a scale of subjectivity to objectivity. Truth is not objective so long as there are doubts and perplexities due to inconsistencies. Even when there is “certainty” of objectivity, truth could be subjective because of unknown filters.

COROLLARY 5: One never takes truth to be absolute. A truth can always be improved further.


The Scientology logic is based on survival.

“LOGIC 11: The value of a datum or field of data can be established by its degree of assistance in survival or its inhibition to survival.”

This introduces a filter because the idea of survival brings in personal consideration. Therefore, logic in Scientology is subjective.


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