The 3 Rules of Mindfulness


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The purpose of mindfulness is to bring clarity to the mind. One does this by resolving doubts and perplexities. With mindfulness one not only becomes aware of things as they are, but also knows what one has subjectively taken for granted.

Mindfulness involves the following discipline.



(a) Keep coming back intermittently to the awareness of your breathing.

(b) Keep coming back intermittently to a sense of harmony.



(a) Become aware of the concern uppermost in your mind and let free association run any computations.

(b) Do not avoid, resist, suppress or deny the reality of existing thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, etc.

(c) Look around to see if the desired data is there; if not then patiently wait for it to come up.



(a) Look with compassion setting aside all bias, prejudice and fixed ideas.

(b) Do not just look at one experience; open up to all similar experiences.

(c) Become aware of the universality (objectivity) of what you are looking at.


CAUTION: Things may go dangerously awry when one anxiously digs into the mind for answers. Letting the mind unwind without interference or interruption keeps the mind safe during deep thinking, prayer and meditation.


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