The 3 Rules of Mindfulness


Reference: A Scientific Approach to Meditation

The Discipline of Mindfulness warns you against digging into the mind. It lets the mind unwind and settle down naturally. Solutions then form themselves out of the natural activity of the mind as it perceives situations objectively.

The following factors are fundamental to the discipline of mindfulness.



(a) In basic meditation the awareness of breathing keeps you grounded.

(b) In mindfulness meditation the sense of consistency, harmony and continuity keeps you grounded.

(c) In mindfulness applications the focus on the purpose of the application keeps you grounded.



(a) Become aware of the concern uppermost in your mind and do not let yourself be distracted.

(b) Become aware of the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sensations relating to that concern and do not avoid, resist, suppress or deny them.

(c) Allow free association to bring up the information, form the answers, and resolve the situations.



(a) Look with compassion setting aside all bias, prejudice and fixed ideas.

(b) Do not just look at one experience; open up to all similar experiences.

(c) Let the viewpoint expand and discern all observations in a universal context.


Once the discipline of mindfulness is established discernment occurs in leaps and bounds.


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