Guided Meditation


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A Guide helps the student resolve his doubts and perplexities through mindfulness meditation. The Guide’s main role is ensuring that the principles of mindfulness are fully applied.

The Guide helps the student narrow his doubts and perplexities down to an effective item that the student then meditates on.  The Guide uses total objectivity and compassion in guiding the student.


Mindfulness Meditation 3: Mindfulness meditation with expert guidance.

  1. He listens compassionately to the student’s doubts and perplexities.

  2. He tries to understand the reason underlying the student’s doubts and perplexities.

  3. The Guide is totally non-judgmental and does not analyze any data given by the student.

  4. Only when he does not understand student’s “reasoning” that he questions the student.

  5. The student then meditates on the question asked by the Guide and provides an answer.

  6. This Q&A continues until the student comes up with something that simply makes no sense.

  7. This is the item, which the Guide assigns to the student to meditate upon until it resolves.

  8. The student meditates on that item using the mindfulness principles of no resistance, no suppression and no interference while letting the mind unwind on its own.

  9. When the student runs into any trouble, the Guide helps him enlarge the context of meditation in various ways.

  10. The Guide answers the student’s questions in a way to help the student arrive at his own realizations.

  11. The Guide assists the student with total objectivity and compassion.

The cycle continues until the student’s item resolves.


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