The Core of Metaphysics


  1. The largest context of any subject, including physics, seems to be Metaphysics.

  2. Metaphysics deals with the observer and what is observed. Thus it deals with the self and the universe.

  3. Logically, the observer and the observed, or the self and the universe, shall appear together and there shall be no sequence between them.

  4. In my view, the self is the essence and the universe is the outer form, because the universe must have self.

  5. That means the observer is the essence, and what is observed is the outer form. In other words, one is essence of what one is observing.

  6. If I am observing space then I am essence of space. I can say that the space is me. The same logic applies when I am observing field or matter.

  7. There is no difference between what I am observing and what I am as an observer. To regard myself as different from what I am observing is putting a filter there.

  8. What is the difference between what I am and what I am observing? Is it the ability to observe? In other words, I have ability to observe but what I am observing does not have ability to observe back?

  9. What happens when I am observing myself? Does myself have that ability to observe or not?

  10. The idea of ability seems to be something subjective. Objectively, it seems to be some fundamental characteristic, such as, awareness and motion.

  11. Awareness and motion seems to occur together. Motion seems to be the outer form and awareness seems to be its essence.

  12. We seem to be looking at the very core of Metaphysics that manifests itself both as the observer and the observed.

  13. When there is awareness, there must be something to be aware of.

  14. In final analysis, the universe is observing itself. We have simply introduced a lot of filters in between.

  15. Our task is to understand those filters.

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