The Logic of “I”

Logic of I

Reference: The Logical Structure of the Universe (Part 3) – Space to Human Consciousness

It is interesting to observe that beingness starts with perception, evolves into concepts and ideas, and then develops into consciousness. Ego is that part of this consciousness, which wants to survive. Until ego comes about, survival is not in the picture. “I” is that ego.

Dianetics started out with the idea of SURVIVAL; and Scientology continued with that idea. Dianetics focused on the mechanism of the mind, but Scientology focused on the “I”. For Scientology, it was the survival of the “I” that mattered and the mind had to be subdued.

But it was the mind that came before the “I” in the process of evolution. How could one subdue the mind and have the “I” survive? This is altered sequence. “I” is evolved from the mind. It is not the other way around.

Beingness starts as space and evolves into perception, concepts, matrix of ideas, and consciousness respectively. Perception begins with feelings and evolves into sensations, representations, and mental cognitions. It is the pleasure-pain principle that jockeys the feelings, sensations, representations, etc., into expressions of emotion and motion. Pleasure and pain are essentially feelings. So the earliest feelings dominate rest of the evolution of beingness.

A feeling may be pictured as a frequency that gets more involved as evolution moves forward. It is the basis of beingness from space to human consciousness. It is harmonious frequency that appears as pleasure; and disharmonious frequency that appears as pain.

The basic-basic of Dianetics would be a fundamental disharmony.

Is it a fundamental disharmony that causes problems on the rest of the “time track”? I don’t think so. First of all, there is no linear track; there is a multi-dimensional matrix with everything associated with everything else. There is no “singularity” of beginning or end. Disharmony may erupt at any of the nodes of this matrix.

There is no fundamental basic-basic disharmony because that depends on a linear conception of a system. The system of beingness is not linear. The only way disharmony can be totally eliminated is by getting rid of the frequency itself. That will get rid of harmony as well.

What Scientology is trying to do is to keep the “I” there. But that “I” is made up of a complex frequency being the product of long evolution.

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