Walking and Mindfulness


Walking is a great exercise, especially for those who are getting older. Walking with contemplative mindfulness is good for both physical and mental health.

The following instructions are based on the above reference from Buddha.  You may read this reference to get the details on the material to contemplate upon. This walking exercise may be done alone or with an exercise partner. Both of you do this exercise.

  1. Set up a routine for walking for at least 30 minutes daily. You may choose a different route for walking each day.

  1. If you have not already experienced sitting mindfulness, add the exercise TR0 and Mindfulness to your daily routine as well.

  1. When walking, be aware of the body’s changing disposition at all times. Feel your muscles. Do not interfere with body’s natural progression. Let one foot follow the other naturally.

  1. Also be aware of the body’s actions at all times. Do not interfere with the natural flow of actions. Let body’s movements be fluid when turning or changing direction.

  1. During the walk, reflect on the composition of the body from the soles up, and from the top of the head down. Contemplate non-judgmentally on both external and internal parts of the body, while visualizing them, as they appear in the mind.

  1. Also reflect on the workings of the larger systems of the body, down to the individual organs. Contemplate non-judgmentally on the various external and internal activities of the body, while visualizing them, as they appear in the mind.

  1. Reflect on the various material elements that this body is composed of, and into which it may ultimately disintegrate.

  1. Contemplate upon the impermanence of the body. You may visualize all the different ways that the body could be disposed of in the society and in nature.

NOTE 1: If you run into any question about body parts and their functions etc., then, after your walk, consult an encyclopedia, Wikipedia or other resources. Apply Subject Clearing to this area of knowledge.

NOTE 2: If the weather is not appropriate, you may use a treadmill to walk on. Mindfulness can still be applied.


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