Reference: Mindfulness 6: Let the Mind Un-stack

This exercise is about meditation on the subject of how right one has been in one’s life. This meditation is done under the discipline of mindfulness.

Every person wants to be right. All those moments when he has failed to be right gnaw at his conscience until resolved. Hectic digging for answers usually does not bring resolution. It simply bypasses the self-protection mechanism of the mind. This makes the mind increasingly unresponsive. As a result, the unresolved moments get stacked up and suppressed in the mind.

Most difficulties arise when perceptions, memories and visualizations get suppressed. They start to resolve when the discipline of mindfulness is applied.  Relief comes when the mind is allowed to un-stack itself in its natural order.



Meditation Directive: “HOW HAVE YOU BEEN RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE?” 

  1. Contemplate on this question letting the mind associate freely.  

  2. See if there is some response that appears on its own. Please note that the response may not be an exact answer to this question. In fact it may be bring up moments of wrongness.

  3. No matter what the response is, take time to inspect and experience it fully without resistance.

  4. Let the mind associate freely whatever follows, until the attention frees up enough to look around.

  5. Ask this question again and follow it up per steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  6. Keep on asking the question as long as responses are appearing in the mind. In other words, let the mind un-stack itself naturally on this subject of “rightness.”

  7. When there is no more response to the question consider the exercise complete.

  8. Follow up with the exercise per Mindfulness 12: Let it be effortless, and let the mind complete the review of this session as necessary.




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