August 27, 2014
This issue is now obsolete. For latest references please see: KHTK Mindfulness. The specific reference that updates this issue is Filter in KHTK.
This was part of a basic series of essays, which started this blog. These essays were later revised and the original versions were deleted. However, these essays were then added back to maintain a complete record.
The basic idea introduced in this essay was that of a Guide who assists with the application of KHTK.


We look at the world through multiple, interspersed layers of thinking, education, experience and consideration. Unbeknownst to us, these layers influence and even determine the perception of the world around us.

Hidden influences, however, lose their power as they are brought into awareness. The exercises outlined in this essay help you uncover those hidden influences. You may repeat these exercises as many times as you wish until this deep looking becomes a part of your second nature.

The whole idea in this essay is to practice the following:


As you discover the contents of what you are looking through, you come face to face with your basic considerations that have been controlling your view. You discover that you now have a choice to continue holding on to these considerations, or to detach yourself from them.

With this power of choice comes an exhilarating sense of freedom as well as a sense of great responsibility. The thinking becomes very clear. The complexities of life seem to reduce to utter simplicities.

You find that you can now immerse yourself in the joy of creating.


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