August 19, 2014
This issue is now obsolete. For latest references please see: KHTK Mindfulness. The specific reference that updates this issue is Cleaning up Trauma.
This was part of a basic series of essays, which started this blog. These essays were later revised and the original versions were deleted. However, these essays were then added back to maintain a complete record.


Again, in these exercises the guide may occasionally check, as necessary, to make sure you are looking and experiencing without thinking and resisting. The guide must take care not to interrupt when you are deeply absorbed in the exercise.

Exercise 2-8

Look at an instance when you lost somebody you loved. As feelings and emotions come up, experience them fully without avoiding, resisting or suppressing them. Take as much time as you need to stay with the feelings and emotions until they start to discharge.

Exercise 2-9

Look at some traumatic experience you went through. The details may come up slowly but stay with it. Look without thinking and experience without resisting. It may take several sittings but continue until all details come to view and the trauma starts to discharge.


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