Hindu Idols

Reference: Religion

Hindu idols are symbols of spiritual traits. Hindus do not perceive them to be Gods as they are often accused of, due to ignorance.

Animal characters in Aesop’s fables serve the same functions as Hindu idols. Aesop’s fables teach moral values using stories woven around colorful characters. These stories have their origin in Hinduism.

Hindus developed the art of using stories woven around colorful characters to convey the understanding of complex abstract principles.

Ganesh is known to Hindus as the remover of the obstacles and is often invoked at the initiation of new projects or at the entrance of temples. His blessings bring good fortunes and insure prosperity.


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  • R.K.Dixit  On April 10, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    Idols it is said do not signify anything as such .It may be a simple stone ,glass piece or anything .We conceptualize God and try to simplify . .Hundred Rupee note is simply a piece of paper .Authority comes when it is issued by Govt..It becomes precious .When our feelings/emotions are put in the stone ,it symbolizes GOd ..We may start storing the money and not using it properly .It is like idol puja and lose the significance ..


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