Denver 2008

Idenics Student

Vinay Agarwala and Mike Goldstein

I visited Denver in 2008 to get trained on Idenics by Mike Goldstein. Since then I have applied hundreds of hours of Idenics to people around the world on phone and Skype, as well as face-to-face. Idenics is my application of choice to handle unwanted conditions. I find it to be very effective and helpful. The theory underlying Idenics inspires me to this day.


I greatly admire this work done in the field of psychology by John Galusha and Mike Goldstein. My friendship with Mike goes back to the seventies.

NOTE added June 12, 2015,

The only thing I don’t like about Idenics is making the knowledge proprietary. It is a holdover from Scientology. Knowledge should be free, though one may charge for its delivery.

Obsessive desire to “own”, or to be “source”, is one of those things that traps one.

1983 Idenics


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  • uday rastogi  On August 3, 2012 at 4:04 AM

    Vinay ,everyone faces unwanted conditions in life but few know how to deal with them effecively .Your refence of Idenics sounds interesting . Could you give more details or repeat your blog wherein you have described this in detail. Thanks .


  • vinaire  On August 3, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    Wonderful to hear from you, Uday, my Beatle buddy!

    The link above takes you to the Idenics web site, where you can find articles on Idenics.

    Here is a discussion thread on Idenics, where I first came to know about this subject:

    What is Idenics?

    You may call Mike to have a free introductory session on Skype. Or, you may call me.



  • vinaire  On February 16, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    While I was in Denver training on Idenics in April 2008, I posted the following on ESMB. I was very enthusiastic about Idenics then. I still like it very much except that Idenics materials are not freely available.


    Greetings to all from Denver, Colorado:

    This is the beginning of the sixth day of my training on Idenics. The year is 2008. The month is April. And the day is 10. Spring is playing hide and seek here. There is a great promise in the air.

    I am very happy and my mind is teeming with all kind of possibilities for adventure in not too distant a future. I have not felt this way since the early days when I first come across Dianetics in 1969. All those happy goals and purposes are now springing back to life.

    Can you imagine Dianetics and Scientology without any hidden curves? Can you imagine the possibility of all those promises finally appearing to be within reach? Can you imagine all those procedures finally getting consolidated into as simple a regimen as Word Clearing that anybody could follow and apply with great effectiveness?

    The Word Clearer within me, who has always worked without a meter with great effectiveness, is very happy. I see the same simplicity with which I can now handle personal issues that most people have. It is really putting a solid foundation there at one’s core on which a playful sense of true freedom can be built.

    I truly love this special definition of RESPONSIBILITY that I came across yesterday in Idenics materials:

    Responsibility is simply having the appropriate RESPONSE at the moment.

    If there is an ideal state of living, then that would be a state where one didn’t have to save old solutions, notions, fixed ideas, etc. to use in the now. It would be living in that moment most appropriately with one’s whole attention fully there.

    Each moment is different. It is never exactly the same. It is much better to generate an idea, a notion or a solution newly as it is appropriate for that moment. To me, if I can do that, then it would be a state that has always been dreamed by Yogis in India since time immemorial.

    Does that seem to be a possibility after having gone through the materials of the past five days? Yes, definitely. There is now a road without hidden curves that is stretched before me. It is up to me to travel on that road. The distance that I can cover is simply what I myself dream up.

    Thank you for listening. I am now off to my sixth day of training on Idenics.



  • vinaire  On February 16, 2013 at 11:22 PM

    I found the following email that was written to Mike Goldstein on July 25, 2007. I wrote this in my enthusiasm from discovering the existence of Idenics:


    Hi Mike,

    It was nice talking to you yesterday after all these years. I was surprised that you showed no comm lag in recognizing me, even when we did not interact that much on Flag.

    End of last month I discovered Ex-Scientologist Message Board when I was googling my internet name “Vinaire” on the Internet. For years I used to write on and interacted with “Alanzo.” He then moved to ESMB and happened to mention “Vinaire” in one of his posts there. This I picked up through Google. Then on ESMB I found out about you and Idenics.

    I have been reading ESMB since the beginning of this month and posting on it. I have never been interested in the politics of Scientology. I have always been interested in the philosophy of self-improvement. So my effort has always been to understand the basics of Scientology. My favorite books have been Scn 8-8008 and The Phoenix lectures. I did not like to see people putting down Scientology because they did not like the actions of CoS.

    However, I have come to recognize people who have good enough understanding of the philosophy of Scientology to be able to criticize the work of LRH himself. I think this is because in my own study of LRH I found things that were not explained clearly, and now that I am looking at the critical comments over the years, I find many of my confusions clearing up. For example, I was astonished at the comments of John McMaster’s on the early S & Ds research when LRH ignored “what” and insisted on “who.” To me that contradicts the basic notion that a person is totally responsible for his condition. I can’t help but look at this as an outpoint unless I am missing something that LRH took into account.

    Anyway, as you know, I left S.O. in Feb 1983 and returned to India to take care of my father who was suffering from cancer. I returned a year later after he passed away. Since then I have been working as an engineer and raising a family.

    I stayed away from Scientology until mid-nineties when I managed to get my free loader debt reduced to $2,500 and I paid it off. I briefly returned to Flag in 1999 to successfully complete CCRD. I then decided to re-do all basic courses and started on the Student Hat on the Special Schedules Course at Flag.

    That was going fine until Flag canceled the Special Schedule’s course in mid-2000. I was treated as an ethics particle for not coming on regular schedule. I queried that, but to this day that matter hasn’t been sorted out to my satisfaction, and I have stayed off Flag’s lines.

    In 2005 I went to the Tampa Org to complete the Student Hat on a schedule that suited me. I then completed the Ethics Specialists Hat. But I found too many arbitraries on the course there and haven’t continued. Currently, I have been studying PDC Lectures at home. I am still a Scientologist in good standing.

    However, as far as Scientology is concerned it has always been the tech which has interested me. Over all these years I have hardly communicated with other Scientologists whom I knew. I prefer to keep to myself. You are an exception. I am interested because Idenics seem to clarify some basic areas for me. Idenics is sitting right at the beginning of THE FACTORS. I like that simplicity.

    Anyway, Mike, it is nice to be back in comm with you. I am continuing to appreciate your and John Galusha’s work. I have still to go through the audio files at your site.

    More later.

    Warm regards,
    Vinay Agarwala


    • Chris Thompson  On February 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM

      That was an interesting look into your personal evolution. Thank you.


  • Andrey  On January 2, 2017 at 8:05 AM

    Good afternoon. My name is Andrey, tell please among your acquaintances incidentally there is no person who would provide idenics in Russian?


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