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Infinity and Unknowable


INFINITY is beyond conception.

  1. Anything conceived has to be different from THAT, which conceives it.

  2. To conceive THAT, which conceives, there must be a deeper THAT, which conceives it.

  3. This regression may be taken back without limit.

  4. This means, anything conceived can be defined, but, THAT, which conceives, cannot be fully defined.

  5. Here we have another example of INFINITY.

  6. In other words, anything conceived is measurable, whereas, THAT, which conceives, is not.

  7. This property of being measurable may be called dimension. The word DIMENSION comes from Latin, dimensio, extent or measuring parameter. Dimension defines what is conceived.

  8. We may say that anything conceived has “dimension,” whereas, THAT, which conceives, does not have “dimension.”

  9. Infinity is “absence of dimension.” Infinity is unknowable.

  10. That, which conceives, is unknowable.