Logic of the Body

Reference: Inner Engineering

  1. The body has evolved over millions of years such that most anomalies have been resolved from it. That’s its logic.
  2. Body converts physical energy into metaphysical energy. This happens in the process of eating; and more so in sex, when one is totally relaxed.
  3. It is the metaphysical dimension of the body that makes it wonderful. One should be aware of both physical and metaphysical dimensions.
  4. Evolution requires overcoming of your own compulsion for “self-preservation”.
  5. The attention field is sensing the Akasha through the senses. It is the enhancing of attention that we need.
  6. Posture of the body helps align the mental matrix.
  7. We need to work on enhancing the body’s ability to convert physical to metaphysical energy.
  8. Yogic postures help you let the body unwind so that the attention field aligns better with Akasha.


Some Conclusions

  1. Human body does not need that much protein. Indian vegetarian food contains enough protein.
  2. Human body is designed for vegetarian food.
  3. Raw vegetables provide enzymes that help digest the food.
  4. Beyond the age of 30, you need only 2 meals a day.
  5. You think and meditate better on empty stomach.


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