SADHGURU 2016: Design Your Destiny

Reference: Inner Engineering (Content)

This paper presents the summary of Part one, chapter 4, from the book, INNER ENGINEERING By Sadhguru. The contents are from the first edition (2016) of this book published in the United States by Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York.

The summary of the original material (in black) is accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.


Design Your Destiny

Destiny has become a popular scapegoat, a way to deal with failure. Turning inward is the first step to becoming a master of your own destiny. To mold situations the way you want them you must first know who you are. 

Everything in this existence is happening naturally according to a certain organic law. You can make things happen not by breaking the laws of nature, but through a deeper understanding of these laws. If you have mastery over your life energies, a hundred percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. 

Whatever you do in unawareness, you can also do in awareness. That makes a world of a difference. Your life should not be enslaved to the whims of the mind and body. The outside world will never happen a hundred percent your way. When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you. To achieve well-being the only one who needs to be fixed is you.

The spiritual process is about making yourself in such a way that this existence cannot help but yield to you. Life doesn’t work unless you do the right things. You need to know and apply the right technique if you want results. It is time to wake up to yourself as a living being, rather than a psychological case. Then your destiny will be your own.  

Know the right techniques and apply them.


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